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What is the Best AI Content Generator for Writing Articles

Today there are many tools that can be used to help create content. Over the passed few years there has been an increase in AI content generator tools out on the market that you can use to generate blog posts, articles, and other content. You may have even heard of some of these such as, and but today

Did you know that 60% of B2B technology companies plan to invest in AI for lead generation and sales in the near future? This means it’s time to get on board with artificial intelligence (AI) in order to generate the perfect blog posts, articles and even helping you to write your long overdue book that you have been wanting to put together.

Most of the AI content generators mentioned in this article use the GPT-3 model by OpenAI which is an AI algorithm for natural languages that has gathered around 10% of information found on the internet to help to generate text when given a specific text phrases or sentences.

In this article about AI content writers I’m going to be looking at what I believe to be the 10 best AI content generators on the market as of right now.

In seconds, you can successfully write high conversion copy for your ads and landing pages. gives you an AI-generated copywriter assistant called Jarvis, giving you the power to generate quality content copy for any ad, email or article, that can help save you thousands of dollars in hiring a full team of content writers. It is so easy to use that all that is needed is a headline, a paragraph, or even a single word to get started. uses the GPT-3 AI algorithm for natural languages platform by OpenAI to help generate high quality content conversions.

In my opinion is probable one of the best AI content generators currently on the market and the the conversions on the text copy are one of the highest in the industry. The only drawback to is that it is very pricey for the ordinary man in the street. offer 2 paid plan options:

  • Starter PLan – Generate short-form copy such as headlines, descriptions, and bios. Limited to 20,000 words and 400 character input limit.
  • Pro Plan – Generate long-form copy such as blog posts, video scripts, and books. Unlimited words and 600 character input limit

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CopyAI is an AI-based copywriting platform which plugins into the GPT-3 AI algorithm by OpenAI that writes great content for you. If you’ve ever wondered how to write compelling content for your product or service then CopyAI is the answer.

It picks up ideas and converts them into super-targeted, highly engaging content. They have a large community of users who give each other feedback on their CopyAI content, which helps to ensure that their copy delivers real results.

If you are on a budget and can’t afford to buy one of the package options then I would recommend as an alternative option as the AI content generator text conversions are just as good as

The only drawback that has over is that it does not currently offer a long form AI content generator option to generator full articles and blog posts, but this might be introduced at a later date as the application matures. offer 3 plan options:

  • Free Trail – Perfect for testing and no credit card required. 7 days of free access and 100 runs a day.
  • Solo Plan – Perfect for small businesses and billed monthly or yearly. Unlimited runs, access to all of their tools and translate into 25+ languages.
  • Multiple Seats Plan – Perfect for larger teams and billed monthly or yearly. Access to all features on the Solo package option with the ability to add more users.

Click here to find out more about is an AI-driven content generation machine. Whether you’re a writer drowning in writer’s block or looking for a new angle to pitch an ad campaign to. will help you create original content fast by finding and analyzing new topics (and naming them), all based on the latest AI research into language modeling, deep learning, and artificial intelligence.

With you are able to generate blog topics, sales email ideas, product descriptions, landing pages, and more just by using your Google Docs Spreadsheets!

They have a wide variety of templates and variables available for you to choose from, making it easy for you to come up with text variations on different topics.

One of the unique features that offers is that is one of the few AI content generators to have a WordPress Plugin that allows you to generate content directly into a blog post. This allows for quicker blogger output of unique content. offer 3 plan options:

  • Free Trail – Take ContentBot for a test drive. 120 pieces of original content (20 Credits), 5 full blog posts of up to 1500 words each and 5 rewrites.
  • Premium Plan – Perfect for copywriters, marketers and entrepreneurs. Unlimited credits, 25 full blog posts of up to 1500 words each and 25 rewrites with more features included.
  • Premium PLUS Plan – Perfect for agencies. Unlimited credits, 75 full blog posts of up to 1500 words each and 250 rewrites with more features included.

Click here to find out more about takes the hassle out of writing content for your website. With just a few clicks, you can create high-converting ads, product descriptions and more using Copysmith’s fully automated AI technology.

If you wanted to produce full articles and blog posts I would say that you would be better off using, but if you are planning on writing product descriptions and unique content for Facebook and Google ads this is one of the strong points that can offer you. offer 4 plan options:

  • Free Trail – 3 Days of free access and no credit card required. Perfect for testing.
  • Starter Plan – 50 credits a month, 20 plagiarism checks
  • Professional Plan – Unlimited credits a month, 100 plagiarism checks, 100 long form content generations.
  • Enterprise Plan – Unlimited credits a month, unlimited plagiarism checks, unlimited long form content generations and team collaboration.

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With the NeuralText AI content generator, you will be able to create content in minutes that would take hours to write by hand-saving you valuable time. NeuralText takes your ideas and concepts and turns them into well-written, well-formatted text that leaves room for you to add your final touches.

NeuralText is not just an AI content writer but also its a SEO research tool that will help you research unique and informative content ideas to help rank your content and give you an competitive advantage.

NeuralText and have very similar offerings but NeuralText packages are slightly more affordable than

NeuralText offer 3 plan options:

  • Free Forever – Get started, no credit card required, 5 content briefs, 5 keyword tool reports, 50 smart copy runs and one user seat.
  • Starter Plan – For freelancers or solopreneurs – 60 content briefs, 100 keyword tool reports, 200 smart copy runs, one user seat, 1000 Keyword Cluster Credits and 7+ Languages.
  • Pro Plan – For larger teams and established companies – Unlimited content briefs, 200 keyword tool reports, 600 smart copy runs, five user seats, 3000 Keyword Cluster Credits and 7+ Languages.

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Frase is a powerful and easy to use SEO productivity AI tool that helps you optimize content for Google. Simply plug in your target keyword phrases, tap into your writers’ expertise, and get the perfect recipe for optimization that pushes your content to the top of search results.

Frase offer 3 plan options:

  • Free Forever – One user seat, 5 Frase Content documents credits per month.
  • Basic Plan – For individuals just getting started with SEO and content optimization, 30 document credits and one user seat a month.
  • Team Plan – For SEO or content marketing teams that need more advanced features, unlimited document credits, three user seats a month and $25 for extra seats.

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Generate better-performing marketing copy quickly and easily in seconds. Writesonic is the ultimate AI content generator. They have supercharged their AI-powered copywriting platform with new features for marketers.

You can write blogs, ad copy and landing pages that drive conversions. With the new ability to create product descriptions and articles in just seconds, imagine how much more traffic and sales you can get from your website when using Writesonic.

Writesonic offer 4 plan options:

  • Free Trial – For new users to test out – 10 credits, includes free, basic and advanced features.
  • Starter Plan – For new marketers – 75 credits a month, includes free, basic and advanced features.
  • Professional Plan – For small businesses and marketing professionals – unlimited credits a month, includes free, basic and advanced features.
  • Business Plan – For medium businesses who need copywriting at scale – unlimited credits a month, includes free, basic and advanced features.

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Article Forge

Article Forge is your personal AI content generator that turns keyword phrases into easy-to-read articles by using advanced artificial intelligence to analyze the context of the content you want to write.

Get an entire article created from nothing in under 60 seconds. Each article is on-topic, well structured and written using human language.

Article Forge offer 3 plan options:

  • 5 Day Free Trail – Access to all features for 5 full days.
  • Monthly Plan – AI-powered human quality content writer, content passes Copyscape, one click article generation, 60 second article turnaround and automatically posts to blogs.
  • Yearly Plan – Same features as the monthly plan just billed annually.

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WordAI is the best AI article spinner tool available online, and can automatically rewrite entire paragraphs and essays.

WordAI detects the source material as well as the sentences which can be rewritten, and will even modify the sentences structure, grammar and style to create a human readable result which looks like it has been written by a human.

WordAI offer 4 plan options:

  • 3 Day Free Trail – access to all features for 3 days.
  • Monthly Turing Plan – Automatic sentence and paragraph rewriting, only uses synonyms that make sense, supports 5 languages, automatically spun content looks human written.
  • Turing Yearly Plan – Same features offered as the monthly Turing plan.
  • Heavy API User Plan – If you generate over 3 million words/month then you can request their heavy API user plan.

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AI Writer

AI Writer is an easy-to-use AI content writer tool for generating unique articles from scratch. It’s the perfect AI tool to kickstart your content marketing efforts. The AI Article Writer generates unique article drafts just from a headline.

AI Writer is quick, efficient, and a huge time-saver – especially if you are writing on lots of different topics related to affiliate marketing, blogging, eCommerce, product reviews, and other niches.

AI Writer offer 4 plan options:

  • 7 Day Free Trail – AI text generator, text rewording and one user seat.
  • Basic Plan – For solopreneurs, bloggers, and startups managing one or two blogs – AI text generator, text rewording, API access, up to 40 articles per month and one user seat.
  • Standard Plan – For freelancers writing lots of content each month – AI text generator, text rewording, API access, up to 120 articles per month and one user seat.
  • Custom Plan – For enterprises and agencies with large scale content requirements – AI text generator, text rewording, API access, unlimited articles per month and unlimited user seats.

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Final Thoughts on What is the Best AI Content Generator for Writing Articles

This best AI content generator article reveals some of the top AI content writing tools available online. The AI writing tools mentioned above, will help point you in the right direction when making a decision on choosing an AI powered writing tool to help assist you in writing new content ideas, for your niche blog or generating high converting ad content for your Google or Facebook ad campaigns.

Our choice for the best AI content writer tool would be as they probable have the best quality text conversions and also have the ability to generator full blog posts and articles.

But our runner up would have to be as their text conversions are just as good as and even though they dont have a full article or blog post generator. You will still be able to use to assist you in building a quality article from scratch using their selection of text generator tools.

Finally if you are looking for a tool to help you get an SEO advantage for your content, then you want to also invest in an AI content SEO research tool like Frase or NeuralText combined with one of the top AI content writers as mentioned in this article.

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