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5 Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress

Do you want to put together an online store and are interested in finding a great eCommerce plugin for WordPress? You need to choose the best plugin for your business to increase your chances of success. Here’s a look at 5 best eCommerce plugins for WordPress.

WooCommerce – WordPress eCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce is one of the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress on the market. It was actually acquired by the company behind WordPress – Automattic – in 2015. WooCommerce offers a wide range of extensions and themes and supports the sale of both digital and physical products.

Affiliate marketers will love WooCommerce as well because it allows for the selling of affiliate products. WooCommerce comes with complete inventory management and lots of payment and shipping options as well, making it the ultimate solution for WordPress eCommerce.

EasyDigitalDownloads – eCommerce Plugin For WordPress

Easy Digital Downloads allows users to sell their digital downloads through WordPress. It’s simple to use and has a host of powerful features to create a digital goods store that’s as functional as it is attractive. It’s built entirely around selling digital goods.

It’s not like other plugins that are built to sell any product. As such, it offers the best possible experience for selling digital goods. It comes with hundreds of extensions, works with any WordPress theme, and is backed up by an excellent support team.

WP eStore – WordPress eCommerce Plugin

To put it simply WP eStore is a powerful conversion-oriented WordPress shopping plugin that gives you the power to sell any kind of digital product or service directly from your WordPress site with complete and secure automation.

After getting the plugin set up, the whole purchasing process – buying, verifying payment, and delivering products without showing the URL of the product – is handled automatically. You can even sell physical products with it, provided the shipping options aren’t too complex.

Cart66 – eCommerce Plugin For WordPress

Cart66 was built to be one of the easiest to use WordPress eCommerce plugins. It has a range of features including allowing for secure credit card payments through the Mijireh checkout system, integration with Amazon S3, managing orders, running promotions, calculating taxes, placing products anywhere on your website, integrating affiliate platforms, and so much more.

The professional version of the plugin comes with even more features. With how simple this plugin is to setup and use there’s nothing stopping you from setting up a stunning WordPress eCommerce store.

WP eCommerce – WordPress eCommerce Plugin

WP eCommerce is another great plugin for setting up a WordPress eCommerce store. The WordPress plugin comes with complete shipping functionality.

WP eCommerce offers seamless integration with WordPress sites, it’s compatible with just about any other WordPress plugin or theme, and comes with HTML and CSS customization that allows you to make the plugin your own.

Conclusion About the Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress

Which of these plugins is right for you depends on your needs and budget. If you want complete control over your eCommerce then your best bet is WooCommerce.

If you’re only interested in selling digital products then stick to Easy Digital Downloads. For anything else in-between, take a look at the different plugins and see which one offers the features you need.

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