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5 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress

Social sharing has become a key part of the internet experience. Social media continues to grow and is becoming more popular with the young and old alike. These days, creating great content is only half of the job. It doesn’t mean much if no one knows it’s there.

Encouraging users to share content (and making it easy for them to do) is essential. That’s where these 5 WordPress social sharing plugins come in.

Monarch – Social Media Sharing Plugin

Monarch is a great social sharing plugin from the team at Elegant Themes. The plugin has a range of impressive features including allowing you to show share counts after a certain threshold. This helps to avoid the damage of having a negative social proof.

You also have options to display social icons in widget areas and sidebars and monitor social shares through an impressive interface. The plugin has been designed and optimized to give you lots of speed while still having all the important features.

One of the best things about Monarch though is that it comes with a complete membership to Elegant Themes. You’ll get several other plugins thrown in including page building plugins and list building plugins.

Easy Social Share Plugin

The Easy Social Share plugin is easily one of the most feature-dense plugins you can find. It provides you with a wealth of visual designs and placement options, along with customization options and support for just about any social network.

You have the option of placing share buttons exactly where you want them, sharing social counts after a specific number has been reached, and a host of other benefits. One slight problem is that it has almost too many features. It can be tough to navigate the user interface and find just what you’re after.

ARSocial – Social Share Buttons & Social Locker Plugin

The ARSocial plugin is a great tool for improving the visibility of your website across social media. The “locker” part of the name refer to locking content, ready to be opened up again after someone makes a social share.

ARSocial is exclusive wordpress plugin which is combination of Social Share, Social Like / Follow / Subscribe, Social Locker and Social Fan Counter.

Why install numerous separate plugins for your social media requirements, when you can have it all with just ONE plugin that easy to set up, configure and maintain. ARSocial provides feature of placing social network buttons section wise and site wide as well as with shortcode at all pages and posts.

MashShare – Social Sharing Plugin

MashShare provides a clean but eye-catching approach to social shares. One of the reasons the plugin became so popular is because the buttons it uses were similar to the ones on There’s a free version of MashShare on offer that comes with a limited range of features.

You’ll have to invest in extra add-ons if you need some additional functionality. Some of these add-ons are really useful, including a widget to make it easier for users to share your content on Twitter, and another widget that allows them to select and share individual pieces of text.

Shareaholic – Social Sharing Plugin

Shareaholic is among the most popular social sharing plugins on the market. Their collection of award winning tools helps boost repeat visitors, pageviews, time on site and – of course – sharing rates. Shareaholic provides simple to use analytics to help you understand your audience and deliver the right content to them.

Knowing your audience is one of the keys to success after all. To put it simply; this WordPress plugin provides an all-in-one content boosting platform, including social sharing.

Take a look through our list of the best social sharing plugins and decide which one would be right for you. Don’t overdo it and get all of them. Read through the features, give them a test drive, and make the best choice for you.

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